Sunday, December 20, 2009

William Hinton

The first time I started reading “Fanshen,” I was so glad that everything’s connected! I’ve seen and loved Carma Hinton’s documentaries for a long time (especially the Morning Sun and the Tiananmen), and just found out William Hinton is her father! No wonder they both did a great job telling the other side of the world what was really happening in China. I’ve also noticed the “Long Bow Group” as always a contributor to those documentaries, and just figured out that name came out of the town William Hinton visited and wrote on! As I was reading the Chinese version of the book translated by Carma Hinton, I never felt it was written by an American, not only because the translation is perfect, but all details are down to earth and very real. For the class, while we’re reading mostly theories, “Fanshen” seems more enjoyable and fresh.

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